Meet the Team

Our coaching team has years of training and teaching experience.

We have competed and coached at the highest level of BJJ and submission grappling, holding many titles between us.

Chris Regan

Chris is a BJJ black belt, under multiple world champion Braulio Estima. Chris has been practicing BJJ for close to 15 years and has competed at every belt, winning IBJJF PanAm gold at black belt and medaling twice at the IBJJF World NoGI Championships, also at black belt.

He retired undefeated from Mixed Martial Arts competition and has competed all over the world in BJJ and submission grappling events. Chris’s ability as an instructor is second to none having coached everyone from absolute beginners to world champions.

Aaron Dyer

Aaron is a BJJ black belt under Professor Chris Regan and Professor Elliot Bayev of Open Mat Mixed Martial Arts in Toronto, Canada. Aaron is an accomplished competitor, medaling at Worlds NoGi in 2019. Aaron’s coaching style is very laid back and, being a father of 4, he takes great pride in the Open Mat Kids classes.

Jason McAlpine

JayMac is a purple belt in BJJ under Chris Regan. Having wrestled in high school (quite some time ago!), he rediscovered his love for the grappling arts in 2018, when he joined Open Mat Bermuda. Since then JayMac has been absolutely unstoppable on the international tournament circuit, taking gold and silver at IBJJF PanAms and DOUBLE gold at IBJJF NoGi Worlds in 2019. JayMac’s knowledge and understanding of grappling is a huge asset to our Foundation and Advanced classes alike.

Tom Gregory

Tom is a purple belt under Chris Regan, having started his BJJ journey in the UK, where he earned his blue belt under accomplished black belt, Professor Sean Coates. Tom is the hardest worker in the Advanced classes, enjoying the rough and tumble of hard sparring. His affable personality and relaxed teaching style make him a very popular coach in the Foundation classes.

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