We understand that just wandering in to a new place with a load of people you don’t know, and taking part in a class, where you’re the new person, can be intimidating. It takes a lot of courage just to open the door … we get it… we were there too once.

A lot of people start by just popping their head in the door and saying hello. Some like to come sit in, and watch a class. And some just jump in the deep end and have a go! Whichever you prefer, we promise you wont regret it!

Where are we?

Open Mat Bermuda is located on the upper level of

CrossFit BDA

Or maybe just drop us a message via WhatsApp… let’s not make it weird with a phone call – no one likes that…


Most academies will offer you a free lesson or two. In our opinion, that’s not enough time to know if BJJ is the martial art for you.

So, here’s an offer for you… come and try a class, and you’ll get to train until the end of that month FOR FREE! That’s right… turn up on the first of the month and you’ll get a full month of training for absolutely NOTHING… we’ll even lend you a uniform to get you started!